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Join Julie Voris, a fitness coach, mom, business owner, Disney addict, and theater geek, as she sits down with ordinary people who have built extraordinary lives simply by working it out, connecting their own dots, and figuring things out as they go.

Apr 14, 2021

We’re diving deep into what Becca has been up to since Covid and how her life has changed in the last year. When the lockdown first started, she saw it as a welcome break. After playing the swing role in Mean Girls and being a dance coach, she was exhausted.

As the lockdown continued, however, she realized that she finally had time to reflect on the whirlwind that had been her life since high school. She took the first six months to reflect and now she’s moving into the revamping stage.

Listen in to hear what she’s doing with the time and space in her calendar and why she’s hopeful and excited for when everything opens back up.

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