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This is your shot of motivation to energize your LIFE! As a mindset and habits coach, Julie Voris is helping you crank up your ambition to level-up your goals, your dreams and the vision for your LIFE! We’re talking habits + action, with a little bit of truth love, and leaning into the hard work it takes to create your life on purpose with purpose. We're connecting with those who want to dream big dreams and live big lives. It’s time to crank up your ambition, energize your life through high impact habits, and create some magic. Let's get started.

Dec 4, 2020

The holidays present their own set of stresses, even in this year, which is different from others.

I spent MANY holiday seasons just trying to survive, and that is no way to live.

Once you know better, you do better AND you share, and that's what this episode- and this podcast actually - is all about: sharing what I've learned over a lot of years on this planet, all to help you live your healthiest, best life.

Let's dive into some habits and mindsets I've learned over the past 20 years that have helped make the holiday season magical.

I would love to know your takeaways from this episode!

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