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This is your shot of motivation to energize your LIFE! As a mindset and habits coach, Julie Voris is helping you crank up your ambition to level-up your goals, your dreams and the vision for your LIFE! We’re talking habits + action, with a little bit of truth love, and leaning into the hard work it takes to create your life on purpose with purpose. We're connecting with those who want to dream big dreams and live big lives. It’s time to crank up your ambition, energize your life through high impact habits, and create some magic. Let's get started.

Mar 3, 2021

Desi Oakley is a singer and actress known for her work in musical theatre. She has traveled the world performing in shows like Waitress, Chicago, and Wicked, but her talent and opportunities were not developed overnight. Rather than being a child prodigy, Desi brought with her a passion, fire, and drive to work and expand her skills. It was that early passion that landed her pivotal roles in musical theatre and that has driven her to mentor young performers that are just making their way.

Listen as she shares more about her life and career and why her positive experiences have made it possible to reach back and help pull others up.

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